Luigi Poderico


Software and Operational Research


GUI Tester

The monkey tester

Apply the monkey paradigm to test your GUI (graphical user interface) for Windows. Do you know that a monkey using a piano keyboard could play a Vivaldi opera? Could the same monkey, using your application, discovery defects?

Send randomly tons of events to the application and see what happen. Click, double-click, right-click, select menu, press key-board and other events, with a taboo-list that avoid cycling on same event.

The GUI Tester

Launching the application and you'll see a win32 console where a few log is displayed. Make the application to test as the top-most and press the right CTRL key. At this moment the monkey start its work. Follow very carefully what it do because many defects are very subtle.

If you want to stop the monkey press again the right CTRL key. When the monkey works be ready to stop it because it could be very dangerous for the data on your computer!!

No warranty

The GUI tester is provided as is and no warranty is provided. Downloading or using it you declare to understand exactly what the GUI tester do and don't do. Especially what kind of danger it can provide on your computer. If you have any question send me an e-mail at


Click here to download the GUI tester. Uncompress the and runs GuiTester.exe.